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Mr Anthony Hyett is an accomplished breast surgeon. He has over 23 years experience and is highly skilled in the following:

  • Nipple and skin sparing mastectomy

  • Non nipple skin sparing mastectomy

  • Standard mastectomy

  • Mastectomy with immediate breast reconstruction is offered in appropriate cases

  • Breast cancer Wide Local Excision with advanced Oncoplastic breast reconstructive techniques

  • Breast cancer Wide Local Excision

  • Axillary nodal clearance

  • Sentinel node surgery -with Radioactive Isotope and Patent Blue V dye dual techniques with immediate nodal frozen section analysis

  • Axillary node biopsy

  • Benign breast lumpectomy

  • Fibroadenoma and Phyllodes surgery

  • Macrodocectomy/Hadfield’s operation – major duct excision

  • Microdocectomy- minor duct excision

  • Breast abscess management

  • 2nd opinions in breast disease and surgery

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