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Mr Anthony Hyett regularly attends meetings and courses to be informed of up to date procedures, techniques and new ideas.

Providing care for transgender individuals: Austin Health’s multidisciplinary approach.
The role of the Breast Surgeon / Austin Campus Grand Round
18 July 2018

Lung Cancer Surgery – Evolution of Lung Sparing Techniques.
Vellar Foundation Lecture: A/Professor Gavin Wright / St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne
16 July 2018

Managing menopausal symptoms after Breast Cancer
VCCC Lecture: Professor Martha Hickey
4 July 2018

International Observer to London’s Royal Marsden Trust Breast Unit MDT Breast Cancer Meeting
25 May 2018

Detection and Diagnosis of Breast Diseases -Multidisciplinary Approach Course / Salzburg , Austria
9-12 May 2018

International Observer of New York’s Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital Breast Unit MDT Breast Cancer Meeting
8 May 2018

American Society Of Breast Surgeons- Annual Conference / Orlando, Florida, America
2-6 May 2018

Post San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium Meeting / Melbourne
13 Feb 2018

IHI- Safety and Outcomes
An Austin Initiative / MCG Melbourne
15 Nov 2017

ASBD –Australian Breast Cancer Conference / Gold Coast, Australia
5- 7 October 2017

Radiotherapy Expert trail Update + Prime Trial Update + Prospect Trial Update / Breast Journal Club, Melbourne
29 Aug 2017

AVANT MAC Biannual Meeting / Melbourne
29 May 2017

Multidisciplinary Management of Breast Cancer
The Optimal Care Pathway
Invited Speaker / ONJ Centre Austin Health
16 May 2017

Austin Surgical Trainees Saturday Seminar
Breast Cancer
Invited Speaker- How I do Axillary Clearance
29 Apr 2017

Breast Genetics Update Lecture / Austin Breast unit
5 Apr 2017

Emerging Use of Liquid Biopsies in Breast Malignancy / Austin Grand Round
5 Apr 2017

Breast Genetics and BreastScreen
Registrar Austin Lecture
4 Apr 2017

AVANT Netdocs Training / Melbourne
4 Apr 2017

Developments in breast oncology markers for prognosis and treatment / Melbourne
23 Mar 2017

Invited Lecture- Surgery of Breast Cancer- An Update / Austin Forum Series
22 Mar 2017

Fertility preservation for breast cancer patients: how and why
A/Prof Kate Stern / VCCC/Austin Lecture
15 Mar 2017

Maximising breast cancer treatment and minimising complications / Austin Grand Round, Melbourne
8 Mar 2017

Reproductive Medicine- Melbourne IVF Meeting / East Melbourne
8 Mar 2017

Lecture – “Towards ‘whole genome’ risk assessment for breast cancer”
VCCC Melbourne
1 Mar 2017

Shock and Awe Austin Surgical Lecture
Austin Trainees
10 Feb 2017

Post San Antonio Breast Cancer Symposium / Richmond, Melbourne
15 Feb 2017

Inflammatory Breast Cancer
Melbourne Breast Surgeon Meeting
27 Feb 2017


Management of Acute, Neuropathic and Chronic postoperative pain
Precision – Brain, Spine and Pain / Kew, Melbourne
16 Feb 2016

Shock and Awe Teaching Program
Austin Surgical Trainees – Breast Surgical Operations
23 Feb 2016

Lecture- Fertility Preservation in IVF and ER+ premenopausal / Austin Breast Unit
2 March 2016

Inaugural Meeting AVANT Medical Advisory Committee / Arts Centre, Melbourne
7 March 2016

RACS Set 2 Exams Preparation Program Vic State Trainees / Austin – all morning session
16 March 2016

RACS Set 2 Plastics Trainees Lecture
Update on Breast Cancer Assessment and it’s management in the context of breast reconstructive surgery / Austin Health
16 March 2016

Melb Breast Surgeon Journal Club / Melbourne
23 March 2016

AVANT – NDIS and NIIS Government Plans / Avant HQ
4 April 2016

Breast Radiology Comprehensive Course / Scottsdale Arizona USA
2-6 May 2016

Breast Screening and Breast Genetics Lecture / Austin Surgical Trainees
18 May 2016

Trends in DCIS Management
Melbourne Breast Surgeon Meeting / Richmond, Melbourne
30 May 2016

Austin Education Session
The emerging roles of SNPs and polgenic aetiology in the genetic assessment
of breast cancer / Austin
1 June 2016

Prosigna Dinner Meeting- Predictions and prognoses in breast cancer- Are
gene expression always reliable? / Kew
25 July 2016

Positive Behaviour in the Workplace, Bullying and the response of the
Australian Army, Implications for the wellbeing of the Australian Workforce
Lt Gen David Morrison / Western Hospital, Sunshine Auditorium
11 Aug 2016

Oncotype, Endopredict, New pathology trends in breast cancer care
Held in Richmond / Melbourne Breast Surgeons Group
16 Aug 2016

RACS Operating with Respect Module – completed / Melbourne
28 Aug 2016

NEMICS Annual Forum – Connecting for better care
Keynote Speaker- Dr Stephen Duckett
Surgeon on Panel / Manningham Function Centre, Doncaster
6 Sep 2016

Foundation Skills for Surgical Educators / Melbourne RACS HQ
5 Dec 2016

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